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The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

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Sarah Kinsman

Hi, I’m SarahFae, and I Have Overpacked

This is the year that I know I will pack
Only the things that I need.
I’ll only bring a couple of skirts,
And maybe some tank tops and tees…
I’ll put the outfits together,
And label them for each day that I’m here.
And…of course I’ll pack for the weather,
And different cool things for my hair.
Ok, sooooo what if I don’t want to wear,
That thing I picked out for the Fire?
What if it does that thing in the sky?
And I need my hemlines to be higher?
Soooooo I’ll add these pants, and this shirt, and this dress, and these shoes, just in case, just because..
But what if it’s hot? And that shawl that I brought is too warm while we’re out in the Sun?
I’ll bring that long sleeve, and this one, and this one
And that one, and maybe also that one too…
And perhaps this hat.
And THAT cloak!
And THAT dress and possibly even more shoes..

FUCK! This packing thing is HARD!!!

So I’ll pause, and regroup, and not jump thru hoops
Don’t overthink this, just breathe…
Oh SHIT ….
I’ve got tanks and long pants, and some shorts if by chance, that these are the items I’ll need.
And, I almost forgot my leggings and socks,
And a toothbrush, and my clock
And that sparkly top, and I just CANNOT STOP…
And what about makeup?
That certainly won’t take up, much room in the bin
So let’s see…
Well, taking inventory of this pile of clothing glory
I can see that one bin ain’t enough.
So I’ll need some more bins
I am so not winning
In my attempts to bring less stuff.
Sooooo I give up! I give in!
I’ll pack 17 bins!
And be covered in so many ways.
I’ll bring every outfit I own,
To here from my home,
And have enough, for 800 days.


Copyright by Sarah Kinsman 2016

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Inconstant Moon

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by Emily Cavin


I saw your face last night

Or should I say, this morning?

For it was several hours after midnight,

The mile marker pushing

Yesterday behind today.


I caught sight of you sailing low in the trees,

Now in full leaf to announce the imminent arrival of Summer.

I only glimpsed the liquid, pale, light

that just a short month ago,

Filled me and floated into every corner of the darkness

Guiding me out of my own black spaces

With the vision of a path that would know me when I found it,

The direction always clear.


And it is true -

I have begun to find my steps on that road

Since last you soared, full and indisputable

Washing the whole world silver.


But Now

With the sweetening of the season well begun

And the bright blooming of all the beings in the garden

You sink toward the hills

And I have to seek you out,

Just as I begin to waver,

To wonder what signs can be trusted to keep me on the journey.


The land and all the creatures in it

Reel from a week of unfathomable weather

Soaring from super-heated hail storms and spinning tornadoes

To crash into days and nights of relentless rain

And temperatures that struggle in vain to grasp the forty-degree mark,

Dooming picnics and bonfires and celebrations

Throughout New England,

And finally crushing the Adirondacks with over two feet

Of damning late May snow.


Watching you slip behind the darkened branches

I called silently

In the hope, the dream-like promise

That you would return some night

Perhaps months from now

When Summer signals that her glow is almost spent

And we worry for our winter readiness

Then might you come back to me

Saying, yet again,

“You are not lost.

Keep true to my light

No matter how it may appear to wander

And you will always know the way.”


Copyright by Emily Cavin 28 May 2013

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by Daniel Singer



Wonder what I was thinking, as we locked eyes and circle-danced,

too drunk on sweat and fire to notice when

three in the morning came?

For the mystery of it, what I wondered was this: what if

I’ve locked eyes and been dancing with God, through you?

Sex and death and All That Is Everything in between. Has

heaven been looking back at me this whole time through your eyes? We

ate the same food, drank the same water; perhaps you are like me, of mortal flesh. Divinity is

ninety-nine percent an artifact of our own projections anyway; something most of us have forgot-



For each other, we dance at

three in the morning, until we get

to that semi-liquid place where we

wonder what would happen if we started using God’s other name…



© Daniel B Singer 19 May 2015

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I Disagree: a short but heartfelt rant dedicated to the poet who currently calls herself Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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by Steve Trombulak


She says, “I don’t care what you do for a living.”

But I do, and I want to know why you do it.

Does it feed your soul?

Will it feed the world?

Will it lead you to your heart’s longing?


Or is it merely a safe path

A safe haven

Chosen for reasons you are embarrassed to say.

A betrayal to your own life and a world

That needs you now to dig in with both hands.


She says, “It doesn’t matter to me where or what or with whom you’ve studied.”

But I disagree.

I want to know all of these things …

And I really want to know what you have learned.


What books have you read and how did they change you?

And how would you change them?

What have you written, and how has that unlocked your ability

To dream of a better world?

And will it all lead to you teaching others what you’ve learned?

Making them makers of more knowledge …

And more makers.


She says, “It doesn’t interest me how you came to be here.”

Really?  How can that possibly be?

I can think of nothing more important about understanding who you are

Than knowing where you came from.


And how you got from there to here

And why you chose that path

Or how you found the courage to travel a path

Chosen for you

Despite the debris and detours.

That will tell me much about whether I can count on you

To stand with me in the fire

Or in the dark

Outnumbered naked

Armed only with the truth.


I don’t want to know if you can live with failure.

I want to know if you can learn from it

With eyes clear

So that when you stand at the edge of the lake

You shout, “I will never make that mistake

Again,” and mean it.


I don’t want to know if you can see beauty everyday.

I want to know if you can bend your back

And break a sweat

To create beauty and be a source of strength

And inspiration for those who need it.


Let me peer into the house you have built.

Let me know what you will stand for

And who you will stand with.

Let me know who you are striving to become so that

I might know if I can stand with you.



copyright 2012 by Steve Trombulak

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The Pledge of Allegiance

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by Steve Trombulak

Modified from a poem by Gary Snyder

(But I like my version better.)


I pledge allegiance to the soil

Of Turtle Island

And to the life which upon it stands.

One planet, under the Sun,


With fertility and diversity for all.

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Circling On — or Some Truths Revealed at the Fire Circle

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by Emily Cavin


Some years ago

I had a magical night

At the Fire Circle

And was able to share that magic

With everyone there

The next day people thanked me

Appreciated my offerings

And I guess, frustrated performer that I sometimes am,

I became confused

Unable to distinguish

Not clear enough to choose

Between channeling

And claiming the channel as my own

Between Ego and Spirit

Expectation and Openness

To the Truth

of Circling On


A few years later

I created some static

At the Fire Circle

I thought it was working

Though my point of view

Was narrower than I knew

The next day I was criticized


By one who claimed

“Everybody is saying – someone needs to talk to you”

Turns out that wasn’t quite true

Man! – that made me angry at the unkind “master”

But then things shifted

The master’s partner

A favorite drummer of mine

Had to face that threshold

To stand before that door indelibly marked


and I could be angry no more

It is interesting to see what falls away

What doesn’t serve to keep me

Circling On


Although ashamed to admit it now

I used to judge others, judge their offerings

At the Fire Circle

Only sometimes, never out loud, but still, too often

“That doesn’t feel authentic”

“That’s arrogant, that’s over-rehearsed”

until one night, an unsought voice

Inside myself but somehow not my own

Struck me with these words:

“Not only are you being unkind

adopting such an attitude – but  know this:

given the journey you seek to make by coming here,


Who knew!?

Such wisdom could be gained by

Circling On


Now that I did know

I watched for signs

At the Fire Circle

And sure enough there came a night

Someone’s offering

Just wasn’t working for me

OK – so be it

No need for judgment – Let it go

Until the next night – Like Magic!

Oh! How well it’s working now!

Seemingly for all of us,

Rocking, flying, soaring, shining

Voices, drums, dances, stillness

Held in the hands of Beings beyond ourselves

And I knew it as the culmination

Of all the moments,

All the nights that came before

It simply could not be

This night

Had last night been any different

That’s just how it happens

That’s just how it keeps on

Circling On


Come the final dawn

of that gathering

At the Fire Circle

Someone is speaking

On and on and on -

And on and on

Again, for me, not quite working

On some level,

So I find another

Look up, look up!

It’s almost sunrise

The sky is nearly light

The Maple leaves

strung like petals from the Trees

witnessing our Circle

Are growing green out of the darkness

And there are birds, beautiful birds!

Different shapes, different sizes

Speaking their own language, sharing their songs

Sailing over us, crossing through center

Each flight a unique silhouette

I am spellbound

Held by the web of mystical morning coming to this mountain top

Waves of Day breaking on this Enchanted Island

Planet Earth

Circling On


I have come to a place

Where I am at a loss in my life

Shaken, a stranger to myself

As if I stand on shifting sands

And yet it seems I will always know

The Earth beneath my feet

Find my path lit by Spirit Fire

Can always add my voice

to the ringing music riding on the Wind

And feel the gratitude

Flowing through the Water

That is offered, and that I offer

To this sacred place

This gathering of Beings

Seen and unseen

Intuited and alchemized

Dancing and Still

Mortal, Elemental, Energetic

All coming together

Being found by what we seek


If we have faith and keep an open mind

If we lend a hand and follow our feet

And our hearts

To the Fire Circle

We will find our way to what we need to know

We will continue to grow on the journey

We will thrive as we continue

Circling On

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The Journey

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by Eva Wyld Dandylion

I want to be like the Apple Tree, who trusted the ground enough to Surrender to Gravity.
Just like the Space Between the Dirt and the Mighty Oak’s Roots-
Gravity is a Friend, Friends are Community,
And all of our Roots are tied up together and we can help each other Stand Up as TALL as we can Grow to Be.

But sometimes, we forget our Roots and we Burn our loved ones,
Ashes to Ashes, We ALL Fall Down.

I Dream of a World where we FIND and LIVE in the Between,
When we know that we CAN Create Our Dreams!
That Free Flow is as easy as 1,2,3,
Listen to the trees~ sing sweet songs of Whispered Wonders, OPEN SESAME!
Give the Treasure to all of the Rest of Me,
The rest of me that is my One World Community.
The ones who I love SO DEARLY that I would give them ALL of my Treasure…
I give them my Treasure just by letting them love me.
They give me theirs by loving the Best of Me and Supporting the Worst.

I love My Family, My Community, they mean EVERYTHING to me,
Even when the waters are rising and my eyes are cryin’ and I don’t feel strong enough to save them.
But we can help each other Save Ourselves.
Reach out that helping hand and say:
Hand in Hand surviving on this land, helping each other live.
Reminding each other that we’re EXACTLY who we’re supposed to be.
Reminding Each Other to Tell Ourselves EVERYDAY that NO ONE can EVER take “Me” away from “Me”
Because Fate is on the Side of Me,
The Side that can’t be argued with the divine knowledge I’ve got locked away in this Vault Noggin, this Souuuul Wagon,
Ride me over to the Field of Dreams where I’m no longer a slave to societies expectations.
I’ll find and cut my OWN Path to “Enlightenment”- Thank. You. Very. Much!

Take the water in my hands and wash away my Sins of Lives Past,
Anoint me with Golden Clarity, Sweet Sincerity of how you REALLY feel!
Show me the Whole Heart and not just the parts that you’re afraid of.

Masks fall off and shatter, the screech of the glass platter all over the floor into a zillion pieces….
Now try to pick the pieces up…. And GLUE your False Façade back together.
It’s not Easy, I gather, to continue pretending to be Someone Who You’re Not.

Open the Door to Infinite Light, it’s inside of you all of the time,
You JUST need the Key of Belief.
Belief will take you as high as Heaven, even to the Moon and back,
Reach the Depths of Hell, survive it, and swear to the Devil in your soul that you’ll NEVER tell!

Your FULLEST authentic passion within LOVE~
You’re always so worried you keep tryna’ TEST IT!
Well baby cakes, that Holy water in your heart be CLEAN
So quit stickin’ that toe in peeps and DIVE into the DEEP!

Knock knock,
Who’s there?
Your Date With Mystery.

Try something different, alls gotta change at some point- ACCEPT IT!
With Grace and Gratitude for the Unknown.

An Angel once spoke to me and it said:
NEVER Stop Believing, Your Journey Has Only Begun.

© 2011 by Eva Wyld Dandylion

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What We Need to Know

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by Eva Wyld Dandylion

I am in love with a Man,
Yet I have been saying in my mind over and over-
Does he realize, how long I have been willing to sit?
By my computer- writing for Hours upon Hours-
Making Edits upon Edits.
Just WAITING- for HIM to realize
That I- Am Important- Too?

I spend my days,
Eyes draining, soul straining,
Trying to get these fucking words out-
And FIXING them-
OVER AND OVER- because they can ALWAYS be better.
And sometimes, I know, that you don’t even open my letters.

Baby, I don’t have OCD-
I’m just trying to repeat the words ENOUGH-
So that you can really *HEAR* me!

So you can hear the words, I specially craft to be understood within your OWN language.
When I come across people who aren’t as committed as I am.
We’re all striving for the SAME thing right?!
So why can’t they put in as much effort as I did?

I could attempt to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the concept of Giving Love- and DIE before ever mastering the art of truly knowing it.
I spend every waking hour of my existence
Working to make my authentic heart available to EVERYONE and REALLY SHOWING IT!
I have devoted my life to studying
This one- single- subject.

I have what some may think of as Unrealistic Expectations,
Because I’m holding myself and others to Higher-Self Standards of Perfections.

Perfection to me-
My understanding of Perfection-
Contains beautiful flaws, over-the-top guffaws, a collection of colorful and uniquely twisted straws-
You know, the bendy kinds?
The ones that we as kids needed or else REFUSED to drink our glasses of milk unless we had that uniquely shaped straw?
THAT- is a Child’s Version- of Perfection.
Because LORD KNOWS, as stated by Mama Discipline-
She is NOT leaving this table until she drinks her milk,
And LORD KNOWS- that Wildly Rebellious Girl
Will NEVER drink her milk- Until-
She Gets. Her Bendy. Straw.

And what are the Drawbacks of aspiring to attain Pure Excellence?
The times when you get yourself locked in the swirling vortex of your own mind,
Telling yourself that you’re just wasting time-
Trying to have your VOICE in this world, but you’re just too afraid for anyone else to hear it-
Simply- because- it- isn’t- PERFECT.

I re-named myself Wyld this year,
And at the time, I didn’t think I was WILD!
I didn’t even believe it.

And no longer be afraid of the public’s judging eyes,
OR their groaning sighs of misunderstanding-
When people want you to just STOP talking
Because they have absolutely ZERO interest
In what you’re saying or what you believe in…
Leaving you- with a foul taste in your mouth from the words you’ve choked back for years- wishing to SCREAM:

We have so many useless competitions in this world,
Why are we not having never-ending challenges for:
“Let’s see who can try to love each other MORE!”

You know ACTUALLY-
This is a game that you play with your sons and daughters,
The one where they ask you: “How much do you love me?”
And you- stretch your arms out as WIIIIIDE as you POSSIBLY CAN-
Expressing: “I love you THIS MUCH!”
And your child responds back by trying to GROOOW their limbs to match your example.
It goes on for a while,
But eventually ~the game stops.
Because you both then realize in that moment
That your arms Just Aren’t Long Enough.
To really SHOW- each other how BIG the LOVE in your heart IS
To the point where you know it to be SO TRUE that you don’t HAVE to keep asking!
Maybe, I should stop reading books about love and start practicing my stretching…
Because we are NEVER going to know how much we care for each other until we start taking ACTION!

We’re all too busy with our noses pressed up against clocks,
With our brains TRAPPED in our calendars
Just trying to schedule time for survival
AND when it’s most convenient for you to show your Wife how much you appreciate her.
There somehow- never- seems- to be- enough- time.

Take your heads out of the sands of denial-
Long enough to remember that there are STILL reasons on this planet to Smile.
And there are people willing to spend their ENTIRE LIVES trying to WAKE YOU UP to show you it!
I would know. Because I am one of those people.

Yeah, I’ve laughed in my own mind thinking, “Oh lord, I’m someday going to be that stereotypical Hippy Girl whose MAIN mission in life becomes about getting people in a circle to sing Kumbaya.”
And I’ll ALSO probably be the first girl to mess with the lyrics and make it’s own rap version called: “Kum-by-YEYEAH!”
♪♪ All we wanna do is sing and laugh together, oh- birds of a feather- no we’ll never be apart!

Because Lord knows,
That ALL we want to do is sing and laugh TOGETHER,
because we all KNOW how much SAFER we feel
With our loved one’s soft breathes soothing- us- to sleep.
Because lord knows, that all we want to do is Dance and Laugh and Cry and Pray,
Tell each other that “It’s ALL going to be OKAY!”

THAT is what you DO for your loved ones!
You GIVE THEM the reassurance they need to hear,
That you are going to BE THERE-
That you will stop at NOTHING- to BE THERE-
That you- are GOING- to stick- around.
Come hell or high water, you ASSURE your loved ones:

♪♪ I’ll be there, I’ll be there….. Whenever you want me, I’ll be there. ♪♪

And personally,
I feel that’s the only thing from each other-
We Ever Really NEED To Know.

© 2013 by Eva Wyld Dandylion

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Meet Me Here

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by Daniel B. Singer

Meet me here
where smoke and light and heat and night
where trembling hands and hearts just might

Meet me here
beneath the sky, between the trees
upon the dirt, upon our knees—

Surrender here
where truth is told

Surrender here
your fear: be bold

Surrender here
and let me fold
around you;

we embrace
in this place
once again
face to face—

welcome home.

© 2014 Daniel B. Singer

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No Idea

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I had no idea
so I went to the bones,
the skulls, and the dirt;
seeking counsel from those
who had gone before me

- silence -

Perhaps, like the simple child,
I did not even know
how to ask the question –
I spoke my heart
confused and stumbling and
more than a little bit
awkward –
indeed, this is why I sought their wisdom
in the First Place

- silence -

Some kind of snarky ancient master?
“The answer lies within you, Grasshopper”
telling me this
by telling me

Not helpful.
I found a trance
I let go of as much as
I could let go
and I looked
and I stumbled
more than just a little bit awkward
I had gone within

- silence -

So I went to the trees
to the Green Ones in the cove
seeking counsel from the ones
who had seen the beginning

- silence -

In cahoots with the bones and skulls and dirt
no doubt
a conspiracy
of mystery
to deny me
of clarity

In the darkness, I closed my eyes
perhaps when there is naught to hear
there might be something
to see

An emerald green light
seeped into my field of view
displacing the darkness;
I welcomed it
hoping this was the trees speaking
in light.

Eagerly, I waited.
The green light filled my sight
the sun had appeared to me
deep in the night
YES! Bring me the light!

Illuminate the way
so that I might
no longer

- I waited -

Gold gave way
to green and
back to gold again
like a child taking first steps
determined and hesitant
and falling down
a lot.

Unable to walk tonight,
I laid down to sleep
perchance to dream
of green and gold
of bones and skulls and dirt

And I awoke
No clearer than the night before…

I guess I should just
go talk with her.

© 2013 by Daniel B. Singer

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