I had no idea
so I went to the bones,
the skulls, and the dirt;
seeking counsel from those
who had gone before me

– silence –

Perhaps, like the simple child,
I did not even know
how to ask the question —
I spoke my heart
confused and stumbling and
more than a little bit
awkward —
indeed, this is why I sought their wisdom
in the First Place

– silence –

Some kind of snarky ancient master?
“The answer lies within you, Grasshopper”
telling me this
by telling me

Not helpful.
I found a trance
I let go of as much as
I could let go
and I looked
and I stumbled
more than just a little bit awkward
I had gone within

– silence –

So I went to the trees
to the Green Ones in the cove
seeking counsel from the ones
who had seen the beginning

– silence –

In cahoots with the bones and skulls and dirt
no doubt
a conspiracy
of mystery
to deny me
of clarity

In the darkness, I closed my eyes
perhaps when there is naught to hear
there might be something
to see

An emerald green light
seeped into my field of view
displacing the darkness;
I welcomed it
hoping this was the trees speaking
in light.

Eagerly, I waited.
The green light filled my sight
the sun had appeared to me
deep in the night
YES! Bring me the light!

Illuminate the way
so that I might
no longer

– I waited –

Gold gave way
to green and
back to gold again
like a child taking first steps
determined and hesitant
and falling down
a lot.

Unable to walk tonight,
I laid down to sleep
perchance to dream
of green and gold
of bones and skulls and dirt

And I awoke
No clearer than the night before…

I guess I should just
go talk with her.

© 2013 by Daniel B. Singer