Sarah Kinsman

Hi, I’m SarahFae, and I Have Overpacked

This is the year that I know I will pack
Only the things that I need.
I’ll only bring a couple of skirts,
And maybe some tank tops and tees…
I’ll put the outfits together,
And label them for each day that I’m here.
And…of course I’ll pack for the weather,
And different cool things for my hair.
Ok, sooooo what if I don’t want to wear,
That thing I picked out for the Fire?
What if it does that thing in the sky?
And I need my hemlines to be higher?
Soooooo I’ll add these pants, and this shirt, and this dress, and these shoes, just in case, just because..
But what if it’s hot? And that shawl that I brought is too warm while we’re out in the Sun?
I’ll bring that long sleeve, and this one, and this one
And that one, and maybe also that one too…
And perhaps this hat.
And THAT cloak!
And THAT dress and possibly even more shoes..

FUCK! This packing thing is HARD!!!

So I’ll pause, and regroup, and not jump thru hoops
Don’t overthink this, just breathe…
Oh SHIT ….
I’ve got tanks and long pants, and some shorts if by chance, that these are the items I’ll need.
And, I almost forgot my leggings and socks,
And a toothbrush, and my clock
And that sparkly top, and I just CANNOT STOP…
And what about makeup?
That certainly won’t take up, much room in the bin
So let’s see…
Well, taking inventory of this pile of clothing glory
I can see that one bin ain’t enough.
So I’ll need some more bins
I am so not winning
In my attempts to bring less stuff.
Sooooo I give up! I give in!
I’ll pack 17 bins!
And be covered in so many ways.
I’ll bring every outfit I own,
To here from my home,
And have enough, for 800 days.


Copyright by Sarah Kinsman 2016