There are many different ways to engage with SpiritFire. We will update the list as things are finalized, so please keep checking back.


Special areas and requests that you can participate in: (Read more via Facebook or Yahoo Groups):

  • The Well: The Well is the gently-held space where we come to reintegrate the lessons we learn around the fire, and to quietly meditate and process in our bodies the work that we do.  It’s a soft landing space to reflect, to listen, to pray, to express our gratitude for all that is, and to nourish our bodies and souls with the gentle reflection of water.  We always welcome the temporary loan of blankets/comforters in blue/green hues for this area; these blankets may get wet if we get caught by surprise with rain, so please don’t bring valuable or expensive ones.
  • The Gifting Shells: On the Motion altar, there will be several large shells/ bowls for you to place offerings of jewelry, stones, talismans, other small tokens—that we’ve had for awhile and no longer use. You may do so at any point during the gathering. *Please consider limiting your gifts to small objects that actually fit in the shells. When you see how someone else’s work (broadly defined) has helped you and/ or the circle in some way, we invite you to visit the gifting shells and find something to give to that person.*These gift exchanges are intended to take place in ritual space, during the fire circles, by firelight and moonlight.* Contact: Lyra Hilliard


HomeComers (with Brighid Murphy)

Perhaps this is your first fire circle gathering, or even your fifth? Homecomers is created to serve all who are interested in sharing what takes place throughout the all-night Fire Circle. A perfect place to chat and ask questions, or simply listen …..about what we see, feel, and experience at the fire.


Spiders (with Martin Bridge)

The Spiders will be weaving visual elements into our community ritual throughout the event. We will meet to explore the role of visual symbols in magic and rituals of our tribe while building a collaborative relationship with one another. Each evening the Spiders will gather to execute a rangoli within the fire-mandala to prepare the space for the evening ritual. While experience in the arts is valued it is by no means necessary! Those who are interested in this group should contact Martin beforehand so we can communicate about possible materials to bring and share.



Yoga Affinity (with Janet Farnsworth)

Yoga at SFF 2005

Back a bit stiff from camping?  Legs a little achy from dancing? The Yoga Affinity shares time to practice and integrate the fires, workshops, and other gathering experiences more deeply into the body.  All welcome, any level of experience is perfect, from brand-new to dedicated Yogi!  Bring a mat if you have one (there will be limited ones to borrow, too.)








Chantfinity (Dawn and Saraluna)

Chant is one of the ways that we express ourselves around fire. We blend our voices in joyful noise. The Chantfinity group will be meeting everyday to strengthen our collective chant libraries. We will sing old chants and learn new ones. All are welcome!



Gate Affinity (Katrina Kruse)

Creating a strong and safe container for ritual is a very important aspect of our time on the mountain. The gateway is an integral part of this container; it is the place of transition, where we center, shake off the mundane, and intentionally step into the sacred. If you have an interest in helping facilitating this transition for our tribe or are just interested in knowing what it means to do so, than please join us at the gate affinity group.



Fire Circle Prep (with Yuri Tutka)

A fire circle is much more than ritual and music – it takes a lot of hard physical work to prepare the circle, torches, and benches, and to tend the fire.  If you have a desire to be a part of the care and maintenance of the fire circle, please check in with Yuri Tutka on site (or beforehand — see the staff page for contact information) and be sure to attend the fire circle affinity group.  Announcements about when/where it meets will happen at opening circle on the first day.








Fire Spinning

Depending on the will of those who spin, there is sometimes intentional space in which spinners can and express their arts within the beautiful common/vending area.  Set to live drumming (yes, you can participate in the drumming!), all are welcome to enjoy.

Those wanting to participate at the evening fire-spinning jams need to coordinate ahead of time with the fire spinning safety lead to make sure all safety agreements are in place.  A special waiver for fire spinners is required.




Soul Expressions Poetry Circle (with Amanda Giles)

To create an opportunity for longer spoken-word offerings than can easily be accommodated at the fire itself, we host the Soul Expressions poetry circle one evening before the fire lighting ritual.  Bring and share spoken pieces that move your soul, express your vision, guide your journey, or just plain make you feel good — or simply listen to what is being offered.  Original writings are encouraged but not required.  While everyone at SpiritFire respects all types of offerings, out of courtesy to the large number of people who have poetry and prose that they want to share at Soul Expressions, long stories and songs are not appropriate for this circle.



Community Workshops on Saturday

Have something to offer to the community – a workshop, discussion, or ritual perhaps?  While we only have so many spaces available for presenter offerings, we know that all of us bring valuable skills and passions to the community.  We will hold space Saturday for a variety of community events and rituals, both planned and spontaneous.  Events might include councils, community workshops (opportunity between 4:00 – 5:30 pm for any member of the community to offer).  If you’d like to try offering an experience or workshop, there will be a white board set up in the information center with the available times and spaces marked out.  Just fill in the information so that folks know what you are doing; please reserve no more than 2 hours in a particular space.