Workshops in the pathways of Music, Movement, Voice and Seva will be posted as they are confirmed.  

Shakere Crafting Workshop
With Carl Bridge

For those of you who have attended Spiritfire in the past, you are probably familiar with how shakers and rattles can add to our music, and the experience of dancers. Here is your chance to create your own instrument to use in our circle! This workshop will touch on some of the considerations one should make to create a simple and effective shekere from start to finish, including cutting and cleaning your own gourd.

As supplies are limited, please email carljohanbridge@gmail to reserve a gourd before July 11. Spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

   We will have a dozen gourds available for people who would like to create a shekere. These are on the smaller end so that one might be able to complete this project during the festival and play it around the fire. It is a relatively simple repetitive process that folks can do while hanging around and chatting with friends!

All necessary materials will be on hand including cord and an assortment of plastic pony beads in various colors, and some wooden beads. If participants wish to work with a specific color scheme, you could bring your own or send an email and we may be able to provide. A note about beads: one can use a range of materials when selecting beads, but each will give the shekere a different voice. Pony beads might be ideal for this as they create a strong and pleasant sound. Wood beads and plastic “tri-beads” can create  a nice mellow sound, but they are likely to be lost in a loud circle of drums. Metal, glass, or (cowrie) shells will often be louder, but sound a bit harsher.

You Are A Drummer – Yes, You! PT. 2
with Rob Wandell

If the title made you think “What? No, not really… not me…” then this workshop is for you. You don’t even have to have been at Pt. 1!! If you see yourself as a dancer, a singer, a service to your community, a fire tender, a food person, an artist, etc etc, but not really a drummer, let me convince you otherwise. Let me introduce you to yourself, at least that part which is a drummer. We will cover the basics: How to sit and play without hurting your hands. How to get different sounds. How to get volume efficiently, so that you can play longer and your mind is freed up to explore. How to plug in. How to unplug. How to sit and play next to one of our superstar drummers without running away. How to use a small handful of patterns to build your own foundation on which to build. Don’t have a drum? Use one of mine. Welcome to the adventure. See you on the other side!

You Can Be Heard: voices during the all night ritual 
With erin feldman

I confess myself curious: what is your work at the circle? This workshop is intended to facilitate kind and candid dialogue about our individual and community magical work, and offers us all the opportunity to work the highest magic there is: expanding our mindset. Through three different activities (facilitated storytelling, pair mindfulness practice, and personal writing) we will explore the following questions:
how can we create conditions during the all night fire circle ritual that meet different people’s needs (vocal interaction; reverence/silence; active witness and/or collaboration, etc.)?
how do we decide together what speech is disruptive, and what speech serves the work?
what are your personal core activities, ways of being, internal mind-sets, etc. that form your work at the circle?
If you have a journal and favorite writing utensil please bring them.

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga
With Irene Glasse

Connect breath, body and spirit through movement. This class features an accessible pace of foundational yoga poses with focused guidance and alignment cues. Stretch, strengthen and de-stress with this stabilizing, focused practice.

Returning, Resiliency, and Renewal: Our Coming Home to the Fire
With Diane “Cayenne” Johnson

These past three years have gone beyond all reasonable aspects of what we thought we could endure. The level of losses, challenges, psychological mountains we have had to climb (again and again) has tested so many of us. To return to the Mountain, to return to our community, to return to the fire. This workshop is oriented towards those of us who wish to share the lessons learned and the growth of surviving their trials and tribulations; to share practices which have increased our resiliency and; what aspects of ritual will support our return to the Fire. 

Song in Community

Join Erica and Becca for a workshop focusing on Song as a vehicle for community connection.   As we all come out from the forced hibernation of the Covid years, how can we use song to join together again? Come feel the joy of group singing as we explore songs for a variety of community needs- joyful celebration, grieving, birth, and seasonal celebrations.  How can we use Song during our time with the Fire to move and flow with the changing energy of the night?  Come and play!