Workshops in the pathways of Music, Movement, Voice and Seva will be posted as they are confirmed, which can extend all the way into late May or early June! To see the wide variety of workshops offered over the years, you can visit the “Past Festivals” page.

2 Afro-Carribean Rhythm workshops with Johnny Scovel!

Interlocking rhythms for melodic hand drums will be an introduction to playing “melodic” hand drums such as congas and other “tuned’ skin drums in order to form the kinds of rhythmic “melodies” that are often part of Afro-Caribbean ceremonial music. Bring a conga or similar drum if you have one (and bell and rattle, too!) and some will be supplied. You’ll also get some guidance on how to make the various sounds specific to these drums (tones, basses, and various other techniques). This will use archetypal ideas that emulate the ceremonial rhythms in a way that might allow you to jump in during the fire circle with a pitched drum.

Advanced Afro-Haitian and Afro-Cuban Ensemble Rhythms: if you are comfortable with the technique and feel of African-based polyrhythmic forms that support dance and want to play for Johnny’s Caribbean dance class, this is the opportunity to both learn the forms (1 Haitian and 1 Cuban will be taught) and get comfortable playing them! You are also welcome to come if you have some experience but aren’t playing for the class (maybe you’ll be dancing, after all.) Bring: bell, rattle, melodic or similar drum for the basics and then we will have the needed instruments for getting deeper into the ensemble feel.

Embodied Energy and Moving Through Resistance (Irene Glasse)
Yoga is more than a series of postures: asana practice is also a way to shift the flow of energy in the body. In this interactive workshop, explore techniques for moving energy even if you’ve never taken a yoga class. Learn ways to stay present, listen to what your body is telling you about your fire circle work, and how to use movement to pass through experiences of resistance. This workshop will include movement but is not a yoga asana practice. No mat required.

Carribbean Dance (Johnny De’Scoville)
Join a treasured teacher of Haitian and Cuban music and dance for a beautiful experience learning the meaning of movements within the sacred traditions of Afro-Haitian and Afro-Cuban ceremonial forms. Experienced or beginning, no matter what you may have experienced prior to this workshop, you’ll find a welcoming, energetic, and joyous exploration of the body and rhythm!

Embodiment of Sound and Silence (Melissa Grogan)
An esoteric and practical experiment in supported vocal play

Sound has the power to heal, to connect and to transform. When we speak and sing from an experience of embodied sound it deepens our ability to connect to ourselves and to our community. The result is magical, satisfying. Silence is an equally powerful experience that, when used mindfully, sharpens our participation in the present moment. In its fullness we are able to receive, listen, observe, hold space and be with. When in group circles and/or one-on-one interactions sound and silence dance together creating opportunities for all voices to be heard in energetic harmony. In this workshop we will develop an intimate and tactile relationship to our voices. We will experience how sound touches, how silence holds ripe power, and how both are gateways to us connecting to one another in the present moment. We will play with listening and responding. We will experience how sound and silence connect us all.
Expect meditation exercises, laying on the ground, and movement is very welcomed.