Presenting at Spiritfire

Who can present at SpiritFire Festival?

We invite those who teach practices related to our fire circle arts (Music, Motion, Voice, Seva [or Service], and Works of Spirit and Mystery) to submit proposals by April 1st. Later proposals will be considered but there is rarely space left by that point. The sooner you submit an idea/proposal, the better!

Consideration is first given to those with prior experience with the all-night fire circle ritual, but each year we do invite presenters with related skills who are newer to the community as well. If you have never attended an all-night fire circle, we recommend that you try to attend as a participant for one year to get a sense of who we are and how your particular skills might contribute to the flow. But of course you are welcome to send a proposal in anytime regardless.

Have you presented at SpiritFire before?

Please know that each year, we consider the workshop structure anew, and returning as a presenter is not assumed. We do sometimes repeat workshops that were particularly popular or helpful (based on feedback by participants), but we believe strongly in holding space for new people and new ideas, as long as the content is relevant. If you have presented before and would like to again, please send in a proposal.  Returning presenters need only to send in their idea/description, reasoning for how it fits into the gathering’s flow, and any bio/photo information they wish to have used.

We want to provide participants with ways to deepen their own abilities and also develop skills for contributing to a deeper community experience at the fire … and beyond. Out of consideration for a quality experience for both presenters and attendees, workshop space is limited; we invite certain presenters early in the year to set the initial framework of our festival, but we also warmly welcome new voices to share their knowledge and make an effort to introduce at least a few new faces each year.

What kinds of workshops are appropriate for SpiritFire?

Each of the fire circle arts is related to a pathway, corresponding with its action, directions, and element. As a brief example, some ideas of what could be great potential workshop topics include (but by no means exhaust the list):

MUSIC (fire/south): hand drumming, how to improvise, frame drum, Middle Eastern rhythms, singing bowls, hand percussion, conscious soloing/sharing sonic space, sacred drumming, drum making, shekere technique …

MOTION (water/west): Yoga for fire circlers, African/Middle Eastern dance, mudras, archetypal dances, trance dancing …

VOICE (air/east): poetry of Rumi, speaking your truth, mantra singing, kirtan, sacred chanting, ZoneChant, how to harmonize, how to take care of your voice, community council or heartshare …

SEVA (earth/north): ritual guardianship, healing work, fire tending, community rituals …

MYSTERY/Works of Spirit (The Center): mask making, mandala creation, ritual body art, landweaving, stewardship, breathwork, connecting our inner work to the outside, Spirit Into Action …

How do presenters and workshops fit into the flow of the festival?

Our presenters are engaged and active participants within the festival community. There are opportunities to participate in the nightly fire lighting rituals, lead special events (like chant shares, drum jams, etc.), run affinity groups, or vend. We would like to assume that those wanting to present at SpiritFire are doing so because they are also nourished by the experience, and feel a connection to the medium of the fire circle. We tend to avoid scheduling workshop presenters who emit the “I’m on the circuit” message — what we really want is community connection.

The main intention we aim to fulfill is for workshops to be directly related to skills, knowledge, and techniques that help people to create music, motion, voice, and works of Spirit, and to act in service at the fire. Hopefully, those experiences will translate to a fuller and energized experience outside of festival space, and help people to transform themselves and their world in a positive way no matter where they are.

What is expected of workshop presenters?

  1. Arrival as early as possible on Wednesday (1st day of festival)
  2. Attendance to the entire festival, Wednesday through Sunday
  3. Presence or participation at opening and closing circles
  4. Presence or participation at all fire lighting rituals, and participation during the night as feels comfortable
  5. Actively helping those who are in your workshops to connect to fire/gathering via the tools and knowledge you are providing; model your mode!

What does SpiritFire offer presenters in exchange for their workshops?

We offer a full comp and meals in return for presenting one or more workshops at SpiritFire Festival. Presenters are welcome to vend their professional wares – CDs, books, etc. – at the Community Booth. Lastly, you have an opportunity to publicize your work via the community info booth, network with others of your field, and continue to develop relationships in a wonderful community of open-hearted, creative souls.

What about stipends?

We are not able to offer additional stipends to what is listed above, but our presenter coordinator will help you to plan your arrival and departure, and arrange rides to/from the airport/train/bus station.

If I present, can I bring my partner/family/child for free?

We cannot offer comps to family members, and please do make sure to see our Parent FAQ regarding children at SpiritFire.  If a presenter is traveling a long distance (flying, for instance) and bringing a partner or adult family members, sometimes a discounted rate can be arranged – contact the registrar with questions.

I usually teach with a partner or in a group. Can we all be comped to teach?

We are only able to offer a comp to a single/main presenter of each workshop, but we can also divide the funds from that comp equally so that each teacher receives a portion of it as a discounted registration. For instance, if 2 people wish to present a workshop, we can either offer a comp to one, or half-price registration to both.

I’d love to teach but can’t stay for the whole festival. Will this be ok?

Proposals will only be accepted from those who can stay for the duration of the festival (Wednesday – Sunday). We value the creation of sacred and safe community, and part of how we do this is by restricting new arrivals after the start of the festival. Teachers, in particular, help to set the vision and flow of the community, so we ask that they arrive at the beginning and stay through to the end.

Ready to send in your proposal?

Download the .doc Presenter Proposal here!  If you have presented at SpiritFire before, you can just email a description of the workshop you’d like to offer directly without filling out the other stuff – however, we do appreciate an accompanying description of how your workshop will fit into the larger flow or what specific aspect you are trying to approach as well.