Please read this information before registering. Links to online or mail-in forms are under the registration menu and below.

For information on how we are planning in regards to the current Covid-19 outbreak, please read this!

If you have sent in a mail-in registration and have not yet received your confirmation email, please contact the registrar right away ( to ensure your application was received.


  • Early (until April 20th) $370
  • Regular (until June 10) $400
  • Late (Pending spaces available, by July 1st) $425


Please note that the below information was written for the original 2020 dates.  While we are no longer holding a multi-day event, we are leaving this information up so you can get a sense of the flow of the gathering for 2021.  Sometime in the winter the 2021 dates will replace what is below.  


  • All attendees must arrive on Wednesday, July 8th between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.
  • Those arriving late will find the entrance gate closed and will need to make special arrangements to be led up the mountain and into camp so that disturbance of ongoing rituals or activities is kept to a minimum. This may result in a long wait at the bottom of the mountain road for you, so don’t come late!
  • Friday arrivals may, at the discretion of the registrar, be available with permission given prior to registration. Because of the disruption late arrivals tend to create within the festival environment, an additional cost of $20 will be added to the registration rate of anyone arriving on Friday. If you register and then arrive on a later day, expect to pay this fee at the door.


  • Closing circle is early Sunday morning, July 12th (near dawn)
  • We must be off site before dark.

Partial Registrations and Day Visitors

  • SpiritFire is an intensive retreat, and as such we do not accept partial registrations or day visitors.
  • All registrants must plan to arrive during registration hours on Wednesday, July 8th, and stay on site for the duration of the event through the closing circle on Sunday, July 12th.
  • SpiritFire Festival does not make accommodations for early departures except in case of emergencies.

Community Contribution/Shifts

  • All festival attendees will be responsible for one community shift that helps to support the festival. Signups for various groups will be available upon check-in on site. There are no required meal prep or cooking shifts! However, everyone is expected to wash, rinse, and replace their own dishes.

Children at SpiritFire

SpiritFire is based on 4 all-night rituals that are active between late night and dawn; the nights are therefore very active, and mornings very quiet and meant to offer time for sleep and rest.  We realize this is a very challenging schedule for young children and their parents; please realize the event is meant for adults, and does not provide daycare or other services for children.   Adults attending for the first time are asked not to bring children so you can get as sense of the event and make the decision on future attendance of your child based on that experience.  Children are currently welcome to SpiritFire, but please see the Parent Info page for more details.

Payment Options

  • You can download the mail-in PDF registration form (preferred) via the “Mail In” link on the Register by Mail page.  With that, you can send a check or money order.
  • We accept PayPal (credit cards/PayPal accounts) via our online system. Because of the fees charged by PayPal, we greatly prefer mail-in registrations with a check or money order.
  • Payment is required at time of online registration; you’ll need either a credit card or a PayPal account to complete payment.
  • Using PayPal has made registration very convenient, but has cost us thousands of dollars in fees since we began accepting online registration. In order to continue this service, paying online will add 2.9% to your total amount due. This is to cover the PayPal transaction fee. To avoid these fees, we welcome checks or money orders by mail.

Cancellations / Refunds

  • You may not transfer your registration to another person without checking in with the registrar first! This is to make sure that all information about attendees is communicated to us and that people on the waiting list are fairly accommodated.
  • If a registration is transferred to someone improperly, SpiritFire reserves the option to deny them entry.
  • The following schedule applies to refunds, which must be received in writing by the dates listed:
    • Through May 1st: Full refund, minus any donations (donations will not be refunded).
    • May 2nd to June 10th: 50% minus any donations.
    • After June 10th: No refund.
  • All refunds will be issued via check or Paypal (in the same way that you registered.)

Additional Information about Food

  • If you have dietary needs beyond vegetarian, you are responsible for bringing what you need to supplement what is offered.
  • There will be a vendor selling various grilled meats on site – CASH ONLY and please bring smaller bills! Available items and costs will be posted before the event both on Facebook and in the registration packet.
  • We recommend bringing food to supplement your meals. Food may be kept in a sealed, latchable cooler at your site. No campfires or cooking are allowed.

Additional Information about Lodging

  • SpiritFire offers beautiful woods tenting, bathrooms, and separate women’s and men’s shower rooms. There are a small number of cabin bunks available. Cabin bunks are limited and not guaranteed. Preference is given to those with medical or travel restrictions, and then to those who are carpooling.
  • Tent sites and cabins are not accessible by car. You will need to transport all your equipment to your chosen site by hand or a provided cart from the Welcoming Tent. The exact distance will vary, but can, based on where you choose to camp, be up to one-quarter of a mile. Therefore, you should only pack what you are willing to carry. There is a special drum tent for instruments in the main area of the site so you don’t have to lug your drums/etc. to your camp and then back to the fire circle.
  • Cars must be parked in the assigned group parking area. The roads at the site are not open to personal vehicles, per the site owner’s policy.
  • Please note that we are not able to provide accommodation for RVs or popup campers.


Pets are not allowed on the site, per the site owner’s policy, with no exceptions.


Substances and Gathering Policies

  • Drinking in public places is not allowed at SpiritFire.
  • We highly discourage casual or excessive drinking during the gathering. Alcohol should be consumed responsibly and away from public areas.
  • Minors caught using alcohol will be asked to leave the festival without refund, as will any adults supplying it, encouraging its use, or enabling minors to use it by direct or indirect means.
  • Anyone who appears to be intoxicated or who disturbs festival events or attendees will be asked to leave site without refund.
  • We reserve the right to deny registration/attendance to anyone if we determine such action is necessary.
  • Smoking of cigars or cigarettes is only allowed in one area of the site per the site owner’s policy, and we take their preference very seriously. Please only use the designated area for smoking, and do not smoke in other areas or in your cabin/tent.
  • Please leave all other substances at home – no illegal substances of any kind will be tolerated at the event.