Parent Info

Children have been a valued and welcome part of SpiritFire since our first year.  Yet please remember that a fire circle gathering is meant for adults, and brings special responsibilities for parents, so consider our policy below carefully before registering them for the event. Adults attending for the 1st time are asked to leave children under 10 at home so you can get a sense of the gathering before deciding if SpiritFire is right for attendance by your younger child.  Do not bring children without registering them – showing up with non-registered children will result in you being turned away at the gate.   As with adults, if children are showing signs/symptoms of illness, they should stay home. Please read further to learn about our general policies on children at SpiritFire.

SpiritFire is an intensive retreat-style gathering focused on 4 consecutive all-night fire circles and associated rituals and experiences based on immersion into the pathways of music, motion, voice, and Seva.  Activities are appropriate only for those who are mature enough to fully participate (usually 12 and up will do fine, given parental supervision).

SpiritFire is a small gathering and does not provide childcare services of any kind, nor do we provide children-oriented areas.  Our recommendation in general is that it is best to leave little ones in the care of family or trusted caregivers while you attend the event, but if you decide to bring them, you must agree to abide by policies that are set in order to maintain a space in which adults can be in ritual space over the course of the gathering.

Parents are 100% responsible for supervising their children at all times while on site.  At no time should any minor be allowed to wander the site (even a populated area) alone, be left unattended, nor should they attend workshops or rituals without parental supervision. Please do not let children play on or in any event structures, such as SFF tents, vehicles, carts, trailers, or stairs.

Parents neglecting these agreements — either risking harm to their children through neglect or who permit their children to cause disturbance to participants or events — will be approached and asked to correct the situation immediately.  If further issues occur, they will be asked to leave the gathering without refund as a protective measure for the involved child/children.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for SpiritFire parents who have over the years maintained a solid and safe presence for their children, and we invite any parents with questions to contact us.