Each night at SpiritFire, we offer a different focus – a map, of sorts – as an offering to those who would like to engage as a community at the fire.

Wednesday: Foundations

Whether you’re here for the first or the sixteenth time, welcome home. What’s brought you here? Which communities and practices have shaped you, and how has your path led you here to SpiritFire? Tonight, as we meet each other around the fire, we take a moment to honor the mountain, our ancestors, our hosts, and the many traditions that have influenced SpiritFire and its ever-growing community.


Thursday: Preparations

How do you prepare for inspiration? How do you plan for serendipity? What do you need to do on your end to prepare for a six-hour ritual with transformative potential? Do those things. Prepare your mind, body, and spirit for tonight’s fire. Bring your necessities (water, flashlight, etc.) so that you don’t have to go all the way back to your tent or cabin in the middle of the ritual. Then gather in the dining area around 11 or so.


Friday: Encounters

Now that we’ve been around two fires with each other, we are reminded of what is possible in that space, how the wisdom and power of the fire circle reflects the wisdom and power within each of us. Tonight, you are invited to engage with a larger you: your mythic self. What do you wish to cultivate right now? Which archetypes do you want to personify? What do you have to teach your fellow seekers, and what can you learn from all of us? If you’re a body painting-mask wearing-shape shifting-special dressing type, this would be a good night to bring it on. If not, no worries at all. Just show up.


Saturday: Transformation


Why are you here?  Why are you at this fire, on this mountain, at this gathering?  If the foundations upon which we stand, the preparations we make, and the encounters we have with our mythic selves are to have lasting meaning, they need to be directed toward our transformation.  Who will you strive to be when night becomes day, the fire turns to ash, and you come away from this gathering until next year? What will be the result of your work at these fires? What would it look like if you truly transformed to be your highest self and brought your A-game to the world?  Tonight is a night to dig deep into ourselves and to commit to actively shaping your path forward.