Each night at SpiritFire, we offer a different focus – a map, of sorts – as an offering to those who would like to engage as a community at the fire circle. The intentions for each fire is developed over the weeks leading to the gathering, usually finalized in the couple weeks before the first night. As they are solidified, we’ll post information here. (Generally fire descriptions are finalized right before the festival starts.) You may see descriptions encouraging things like wearing certain colors, or bringing a mask, or an object that will be used as part of the fire lighting (or in another way during the night.) It’s not a requirement at all, so don’t be shy or worried if you don’t have something we recommend, or if you’d just prefer to not engage in that way. The most important part of these fires is you being there!

Photo by Martin Bridge

As always, the fires are oriented as an invitation to draw you in deeper; to inspire you, encourage you – and sometimes to challenge you – to be fully, wholly present. But there is no requirement regarding how you engage.  The program will have more information on timing, where to gather, etc.

These fires are from last year’s 3-night cycle – we’ll update these sometime in June.

This is the 21st year since SpiritFire began, and the 20th in which we are able to meet in person.  This is the 1st year in a completely new place, and this is such an immense change. So tonight, let us bless this land and consecrate our sacred fire circle together.

Within our community and in our individual day-to-day lives, we follow patterns – some deliberate and cultivated, and some that we may not have entered into consciously or willingly.  Tonight is about allowing ourselves to contemplate our own patterns and use the Pathways to consciously transition ourselves towards those things that serve our highest good. 

We have offered blessings and thanks to the land, the seen and unseen inhabitants and those who have so kindly welcomed us.  We’ve acknowledged that we must step through the doorway of change in order to make way for new opportunities and adventures in our lives, both as a community and as individuals. 

Tonight is a benediction created and offered by all of us.  How do we fully inhabit and appreciate this NOW, in this space and time together that we have been given?   How do we make the most of what we have here, so that we can return to our daily lives filled and nourished?  The answer is found in being Fully, Completely Present here and now, together, in this precious and treasured space and time together.