Vendor Info

Our merchant circle is the daytime heart of the gathering, with many folks hanging out, holding music jams, poi lessons, and other social activities there.  At night before the fires are lit, there is usually a wonderful drum jam or fire spinning, and if you have battery-operated lighting you are welcome to stay open up until an hour before the fire circle ritual begins.

All vendors must register as participants for the festival online or by mail.  BEFORE YOU REGISTER: Prospective vendors must also fill out the Merchant Application. All vending is subject to approval by the vending coordinator.  Sending in your merchant application before registering also will supply you with an online code for a vendor discount (info below).  

Vendors can register at an extended early rate any time up through the end of April (pending vending space is available – spaces are limited.)  1 person per booth can receive this discount.  (2 separate vendors in the same shared space will each receive a discount, but must submit separate vending applications.)

From May 1st, rates for any remaining vendor spots will go up (but will still be discounted from the current rate.)  To receive this discount, vendors must first apply and be approved for a space; the approval email will contain a code for an online registration discount, and alternately instructions on how to register by mail.  Vendors who register prior to applying and before receiving their code will not receive a refund for the difference in rates – so apply first!

Once approved, there is no fee for vending spaces that are 10 x 20 or smaller.  Please note 10 x 20 spaces are very limited, so it’s helpful for you to request and register your space early.   Spaces larger than 10 x 20, if approved, require a $25 fee.  We do not ask for a tithe!

People expecting to vend who arrive on site without first applying and being approved will not be allowed a space.  Therefore, VENDORS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO APPLY IN ADVANCE OF THE EVENT.

All vendors are required to have adequate cover for their wares; we recommend something that includes protection from the rain.  Make sure your popup canopy is rated for inclement weather – some have collapsed during storms.  (Tent walls and foam “noodles” at the roof corners are really helpful!)

If you are a body worker: you must be licensed to provide massage or other physical contact bodywork at the gathering, and must include your license information when you apply for vending approval.

There has sometimes been a tent for bodywork that is shared by multiple therapists.  You are welcome to have your own, or you can contact the merchant coordinator to find out more about sharing a space.  If you have a tent, massage table or chair you’d like to offer up for this purpose, please let us know!

You may camp in your vending tent, if you wish, but there is no room in the merchant’s circle for additional tents or vehicles.

We actively work to make sure there is minimal direct overlap between vendor offerings.  This might mean that we contact you with questions about your wares or, if necessary, decline your vending application.  Please feel welcome to contact the vending coordinator before registering for SpiritFire if you want to make sure there is room for your booth.  We give priority to folks in the order that they register for the event.

As a merchant you can choose to accept any kind of currency you are comfortable with. There is no phone line on site and we do not anticipate cell reception, so check and credit card transactions are at your own risk.

We will have staff and volunteers walking through the merchant area during the evening and at night occasionally to check on things, but we cannot be responsible for any damaged or stolen items. Please make sure you will be able to keep an eye on your booth.