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Steve by Benj Drummond.2011.5

Steve Trombulak is a conservation biologist who has for several years explored the connections between community and humanity’s relationship with the natural world. These explorations have drawn him to voice, percussion, dance, and service as a focus for community empowerment and expression. He has lived in the Champlain Valley of Vermont for the past 33 years, and has presented and played numerous support roles at drum and dance festivals around the U.S. He’s also a poet, a birder, a woodworker, a teacher, and a gardener.




deirdreDeirdre Pulgram Arthen is a ritualist, musician, author, speaker, counselor, priestess and teacher with 40 years of experience who has led workshops and ceremonies with hundreds of people on four continents. She is the Executive Director of EarthSpirit and the organizer of Rites of Spring and Twilight Covening as well as a multitude of other community rituals and celebrations. Deirdre’s love for both ritual and theater drew her to Paganism in her early twenties and here she found her home and her magic. She loves weaving connections among people, nature and the great mystery.










12803053_10208731341379369_5729217978780624795_nWhen Janet Farnsworth is not teaching yoga or practicing somatic therapy in Austin, Texas, she is trying to figure out how to get closer to Love.  Over a life time moving through that inquiry, she has decided the best vehicle to get there is the Body.   Janet facilitates a variety of movement meditation journeys for children, families, disabled seniors, and adults throughout North America.  Also the proud Director of the Prison Program with Community Yoga Austin, she takes great joy in sharing yoga with those who do not normally have access, including incarcerated veterans.  Throughout all of her (personal and professional) practice, Janet believes in the genius within the body as a pathway to freedom and love.





image001Andrew Watt is an artist, rhetorical coach, and marketing consultant who lives in western Massachusetts.  He’s a poet, a singer and chant-writer, and a frequent member of choruses and choral groups.  He’s been singing in fire circles for most of two decades, and brings a range of choral experience and training to the path of Voice.  Artistically, he works primarily in fabric, as a quilter and costumer.  In addition to other designations, Andrew holds the ACG/ALB awards in Toastmasters International.








Joining us from Austin, TX, Jason Traweek is a multi-instrumentalist with a strong emphasis on world percussion and over 30 years of experience in a diverse spectrum of musical styles. With his project Spirit Lab, Jason is joined by talented guest musicians who come together to create inspiring improvised landscapes of sound for both dance and ceremony.








Donovan ArthenDonovan Arthen was raised in the EarthSpirit Community and around the fire circle. He is a practitioner of Anamanta, and a devoted animist who does his best to live closely intertwined with the Earth, spirit, and community. He is one of the founding members of the Brotherhood of the Stag and Wolf, and has been a presenter, performer, and teacher at events and conferences all over the world, including Rites of Spring, Twilight Covening, Feast of Lights, the Parliament of the World’s Religions, SpiritFire Festival, and the Romuva Camp in Lithuania.







Rachel Fields Rachel Fields’s passion and specialty are helping people discover what makes them come alive. For almost 20 years, she’s been studying the human experience and using her own life as her laboratory.  Rachel’s life-long fascination with the human heart/mind/spirit took her to India on a year-long pilgrimage seeking knowledge from contemplative wisdom traditions.  After completing her undergraduate degree in Religion, Rachel pursued many avenues to continue to deepen her own inner development, including several solo wilderness fasting journeys and multiple month-long meditation retreats.  With her graduate degree in counseling psychotherapy, she now offers her work as a psychotherapist and personal coach. Rachel is honored and excited to rejoin with the SpiritFire community to explore how it’s possible to manifest the lives we dream about.