Merchant Space Request

All vendors must be registered participants of the gathering and if registration closes, vending registration is also closed.  Spaces are limited, so register early!   We reserve the right to deny any merchant application for any reason.  This year (2021) due to the very different nature of our gathering due to the pandemic, we are only allowing returning vendors.  We’ll be so happy to welcome new vendors in 2022, when the gathering has returned to a bit more normal state!

All Merchant Applications are due no later than June 20th, (pending availability). We do keep limits on the number of vendors selling any one kind of item in order to make sure vendors have the best chance for good sales and still keep a good selection for the attendees – contact us if you would like to know who’s already signed up.

Please read the vendor information page  before submitting your request. If you have questions, contact the merchant coordinator.

There is no fee for 10 x 10 vending spaces; 10 x 20 are also no charge, but may have to fit lengthwise if the vendor area is full. Larger tents (or unusual structures that don’t fit into a 10’ wide space) are $20 and are subject to approval.  Parking near your booth is not available; the car lot for our gathering is not too far away, however.

You will need to bring your own table/display setup and weather protection/storage. It has been known to rain, so be prepared! Electricity is provided for the camp via a generator, and is extremely limited. Do not count on the availability of electricity for your booth. If your display requires electricity, you must get prior approval from the merchant coordinator first WHEN YOU REQUEST A SPACE.

Once your application is received, the merchant coordinator will contact you with a confirmation of your space.  Vendors can register at an extended early rate any time up through June 1st.  After June 1st, pending space available, rates to go “Regular” but we will extend a small discount if possible.

Vendor Application

Request your vending spot here!
  • Please list your name as you will be registering for SpiritFire
  • Please give us an email we can reach you at with either a confirmation of your merchant space, or questions
  • Name we should use to refer to your vending booth. If you register prior to June 10, we will include your booth in the program.
  • Please describe what you sell at your booth; be as specific as possible (i.e. if you well clothing, what general kind/styles?) If you intend to offer massage or other touch-based healing, you need to be licensed in your home state, and you will need to confirm that below.
    If you wish to offer massage or any touch-based healing, are you licensed in your state?
    Please let us know about your physical vending booth/space.
  • If you selected "Odd-sized" or "Odd-shaped" booth, please describe your space here.
  • The camp does not have wired electricity, and our amazing retreat hosts run their kitchen/grounds on a generator during the day. This means electrical outlets are very limited and we cannot overload the system. If your booth requires electricity, please note that here and let us know what you will need it for, and how much power your equipment is likely to use (just a general description, nothing too specific is needed!) We do not under any circumstances provide 220.