HipGnosis I

Allow your eyes to close
I will guide you.

B r e a t h e.

Walk with me
Through the forest
Over the water
Into the sky

Follow the sound of my voice
As it travels from my lips
To your heart.

L i s t e n.

Do you know where you are?
Have you been here…before?

What does it smell like?

Allow your spirit to play
And sing
And dance

Touch your face
Do you recognize the shapes of joy?

You should.

I am not going to hypnotize you
You are not getting sleepy

You are completely
A w a r e

You are ready
to begin.


HipGnosis II

Have you ever felt
Larger than your body?

Y o u a r e.

You are everything you can see
You are everything you can touch

Your skin
is just
f o r m a l i t y

You are much bigger.

Have you ever noticed
That you can see things
With your eyes
C l o s e d ?

Have you ever wondered
Why this is so?

Have you ever tried
To go from here
All the way
To there

Without moving?

You can.

You don’t need me
to guide you.

J u s t g o.


HipGnosis III

It’s alright
If you don’t know
Where you are

As long as you
are not
L o s t.

You are… here…

If you were
To open your eyes

It would look
The same
As before —

But you might
See it
D i f f e r e n t l y.

Take the time
You need
T o u n d e r s t a n d.

Between wakefulness
And sleep
You have
A c h o i c e.

When you are ready,
What is true.

© 2005 by Daniel B. Singer