Thunder rolls by like a freight train that’s been startled.
It is heavy and loud
Like an avalanche;
But nimble and quick
Like Jack.

The air puts on a cool, damp glove
And touches my face, knowingly.
The rain whispers to me
Something I can’t quite understand.

I know you’re there.
When my eyes close
And I teeter on the edge of consciousness
I can almost see you looking back at me,
Just beyond the lantern’s light.

You are revealed to me in stages:
In the space between the raindrops
And in the silence after the thunder-train has passed
When I think I can still hear it rumble.

No matter which way I walk,
I become closer to you with each step.
I am completely surrounded
By you, that I can not quite see.

I will come to the fire
Bright flames in the night
And dance ‘round like the sparks
As they take to flight

My own wings unlocked
I will as winged-things do,
Fly sky high enough to see
The everywhere of you.

© 2005 by Daniel B. Singer