By Lyra Hilliard


What is this moment we’ve been waiting for—

Right Here Right Now?


Where are we going when we turn our vehicles into Tetris miracles

Bins upon bins with

As many drums as can fit into a Suburu


Baskets and bags stuffed with

bells and rattles

Sticks and shakers

Bones and skulls and music makers

Flowing scarves and jingly hip wraps

Bindis yarn hair traveling clothes racks

Utility belts with fifteen pouches tools for

Cutting twine and tightening rope splitting

Wood and carving wood tools for singing

Throat coat tea and slippery elm lighters

Candles white sage where are we going

Where we must remember

The journal with the words to that amazing chant we heard

six years ago and want to bring back

Power tools (drills and athames), raffia-adorned masks

Organic, free range, non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural, fair trade seventy percent

Dark chocolate flecked with espresso or ginger or







Bug stuff?




The moment that is here right now is

Free form spiral leaping flame

The snap crack daddily pop of lead becoming pure


Limbs Snake mid air

Hands Raise mid prayer

Sticks are ready

Drums are steady


Freeze this vision in your mind this holy golden moment a gift of the divine


We are challenged to an ordeal, a ritual that’s real

Marked by drumbeats fast feet flying voices crying testifying

We can feel this good all the time

Feel the love pump going

Seratonin flowing

Let the way be open let the way be open let the way be

Open your hearts open wide let spirit shine open your

Hearts so that you can play the part you were born to play you have a responsibility

To feel this good in your skin You have a divine order

To let your soul expression sing You have a sacred duty

To align your design with Spirit divine a blessed right

To recognize your sacred worth

Reclaim your power

Transform the earth


The moment that is here right now is intuitive rhythm and spontaneous pulse

It is soul in hand on heart, it is spirit throbbing true


For you came here with all of your trappings armor rattles ecstatic clapping

You came here on instinct on knowing the time is right for you to open up and

Unfold through the night so

Take it sing it drum it dance it serve it now’s your holy chance to

Push yourself surprise yourself break through your walls you’ve put there out of fear that

You will fall we will

Lift you up

Like a phoenix from a fire

Brothers and sisters spread your wings and fly higher

Burn away the shame that binds and celebrate this birthing time

For if you aren’t serving your highest vision of yourself

You ain’t serving this fire.


The moment that is here right now is trust. With pounding hearts and open eyes

We are growing roots that stretch down and faith that reaches out


For you are the one we have been waiting for

We see you we honor you we empower you to be who you are for now we’re

Flying spinning shaking standing leaping up in love commanding


You take this moment, ride this moment, own this moment right now

Ain’t no moment like this moment ain’t no moment like this

We see you hold this through the night and own it at first light we see you grow

We see you change we see you move and rearrange and now







lock it stock it grab it own it shake it make this


The moment we’ve been waiting for this heartbeat

Dancing kissing union embracing yes our highest vision as we celebrate

New life new day the light is brightening in your eyes surprise yourself don’t stop

Keep playing praying staying solid steady strong we’re welcoming the golden dawn


This is the moment here

See smiling faces near

Ecstatic union kiss

Bodies in rhythmic bliss

Feet twitching flying high

Arms reaching to the sky

Keep pounding, sounding through

Keep shaking, breaking through

Limits you thought you knew

Now see what we can do

Pa do Ta go do Pa Pa do Ta go do Pa

Pa do Ta go do Pa Pa do Ta go do Pa

Kuku for cocoa puffs kuku for cocoa puffs

Kuku for cocoa puffs kuku for cocoa puffs

Keep at it strut your stuff

Dancers are hanging tough

Savor the taste of sweat

Take notice of your breath when

Sunrise is really here

Gold light has now appeared

Bathe us in golden light

Consume this holy night


Spirit Di-vine we surrender to You—


This is how we do it.

This is what we came for

This is why we’re here and will return

For a time

And a time

And times



© 2011 by Lyra Hilliard