Packing List

Here are some packing suggestions – if you have questions, we encourage you to ask on either of our online groups.  In addition to getting great advice, you’ll likely be helping someone else out, too!

Our Camp Agreement: Take out everything you took in!  If a chair/tent breaks or yoga mat gets ripped, don’t just throw it out on site – take it home with you and throw it out there.  Unless it’s meal remainders or small things that will not pack up with you well, plan on taking out everything you brought. 

If you registered online, don’t forget your signed waiver!  You can download it here.

New for 2021: You will need to bring your own eatware (bowl/plate, utensils, drinking vessels) with you for meals, as the Abode will not be stocking the mountain camp for events this summer!  We will not be supplying dishes – so be sure to pack what you need.  We recommend:

  • Bowl
  • Plate
  • Fork, Spoon and Knife
  • Drinking vessels for hot and cold beverages (you’ll need your own water bottle for the fire!)
  • A small drying towel for after you wash your dishes
  • You’ll be responsible for washing your own dishes at the scullery and storing them between meals.
  • Bring some tupperware and lids to take home food with you!
  • Bring your mask (and maybe a backup in case you lose it?) – they will need to be worn in the food/serving lines. 


SpiritFire is an outdoor event. It’s camping, but it’s comfortable. The festival site is in the Taconic Mountains of New York. Average temperatures are between 70 – 80 degrees during the day, 50’s and 60’s during the night (roughly 12 – 21 degrees centigrade).

Although the road up to the site is steep, the fire circle and merchant areas are flat and grassy. The camping area is light woods with paths. Be aware of ticks if you go off-path!  Bring appropriate clothing and repellent, and check yourself regularly.)  We recommend you pre-treat your clothing (particularly socks/pants) with premethrin or something else you prefer that will help repel ticks. 


  • both shorts and long pants (things you can move/dance/drum in!)
  • We strongly recommend that you consider pre-treating some of your clothing (pants, socks, etc.) as well as your camping gear against ticks.  Premethrin spray can be found at outdoor supply stores.
  • clothing that can be layered
  • light jacket
  • sweater
  • rain gear
  • at least two pairs of shoes
  • extra pairs of dry socks
  • large heavy-duty ziploc bags to keep socks, etc. in to keep out any potential moisture

Home Sweet Home

A few attendees stay in cabins, and most stay in tents. We’ve been lucky most of the time, but come prepared for rain. There’s no electricity in the cabins. No fire of any kind is permitted in camping areas, per the site owner’s policy.  If you are in a cabin room or hut, a privacy pod or mosquito net can help make your sleep deeper and more comfy.


  • If you have an electronic time device or anything that needs charging, bring a battery pack or solar charger! No charging is available on site.
  • watch (so you don’t need your cell phone to check time!)
  • bedding (for both cooler and warmer weather)
  • pillow
  • battery-operated lighting
  • earplugs for sleeping
  • eye mask for sleeping during the day
  • mosquito net: these are great for both tents and cabins – either hang over your bed, or use to cover the doorway so you can have some bug-free airflow if it’s warm.
    • ground cloth
    • rain fly
    • ground pad or air mattress
    • tarps for your instruments
    • extra stakes and cord
    • if you use an air mattress, make sure your pump is battery operated!
    • a tarp *just in case* you find a leak, or to put wet gear in/on
    • a batik or fabric and thumb tacks for privacy in your bunk, if you wish
    • Mosquito net – cabins/huts are not 100% bug proof.


We offer brunch and dinner daily; and you will need to bring your needed dishes and utensils with you (as listed above), but we remind once more – label everything!  Masking tape and marker on the bottom works great.

Critters are a concern – this year, the chipmunks are everywhere!  Please keep personal food at your campsite in a sealable, latchable container, or you are guaranteed uninvited visitors. There is no refrigeration available.


  • snacks in a sealable container to keep you going through the fire circle or in the afternoon
  • extra protein – foil packets of tuna or chicken, nuts, energy bars
  • granola
  • any special food or tea you need
  • emergen-C or other immune/energy booster
  • water bottle
  • travel mug
  • dishes that are safe for use during meals (maybe not really expensive pottery, for instance… but if you like, go for it) – do not bring disposable or single-use eatware.


The site has running water, hot showers, and flush toilets. (Hot water is from a propane-heated system, and is not consistent.)  We encourage biodegradable shampoos and soaps, since the showers drain onto the ground.


  • personal hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for surfaces/hands.  NO WIPES for the toilets, please – they will clog the system!
  • regular toiletries and medications
  • biodegradable soap/shampoo
  • two towels (one can get pretty damp)
  • washcloth
  • band aids, sports tape, and basic first aid supplies
  • Your personal medications
  • Your mask if you’d like to have the option of one at any time

Outdoor comfort

SpiritFire is an outdoor event; we have covered social areas, of course – but be prepared for outdoor activity!


  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent *especially for ticks* – but there are mosquitoes, too
  • backjack or folding chair

Workshops and Jam Sessions

Check workshop descriptions for anything special they might require, such as a blanket or particular instruments. A recorder could be useful for drum and voice workshops, but please remember to ask before recording. Workshops descriptions are listed on the website and will also be in your program on site.  Yoga mats are great for seated moments in the pavilions.

Fire circles run from 11:00 pm until they come to a natural stop, usually the beginning of dawn.  This year, however, we know we are all coming after a long hiatus from social events and it’s important we all know that there is no expectation of staying up all night. Do what feels good, and don’t push it too quickly as we re-emerge together.

Each night has a different focus, and we will likely not finalize those until just before the event.  Stay tuned, we’ll let you know!


  • clothing you can layer and move in comfortably all night long
  • Yoga mat
  • comfortable, danceable shoes – while we tend the fire carefully, we can’t guarantee safety for bare feet.
  • rhythm instruments: drums, rattles, singing bowls,  gongs, didgeridoos, rain sticks, chimes, etc.
  • festival clothing – clothes that make you happy!  You might wear colors that reflect the parts of a fire circle you are particularly drawn to: red for music, blue for motion, yellow for voice, green or white for service, and black for mystery; you might want to bring a mask, or something to reflect the intention of a given fire.  Up to you (important: there is *no* expectation on what a person chooses to wear at a fire circle.  Jeans and a T shirt = AWESOME if it is what you like.)
  • face paint



  • cash for a massage or merchant goodies (if you can bring $1 and $5 bills, that would be much appreciated!)
  • cash for the scholarship fund raffle or work shift buy-out. Scholarships are awarded to about one dozen people each year thanks to the generosity of the community.
  • journal/pens
  • fliers for your community events
  • small gifts for those new and spontaneous friends
  • an extra pillow, blanket, camp chair, or decoration for the community comfy tent (marked with your name please)
  • poi, diablo sticks, or other spinning toys
  • a watch or battery-operated alarm clock (let’s avoid cell phones please!)
  • citronella oil for the torches would be much appreciated

Things to leave home – Please do NOT bring these:

  • pets/animals of any kind
  • illegal substances
  • camping stoves, candles, or incense; due to past accidents, the site does not permit any open flames at personal campsites.
  • drum sets, plastic timbales, electric or other similar instruments.
  • valuable or breakable items that you don’t want to risk losing

Other suggestions are found in the registration info packet, emailed to registrants.

We hope you have a happy, safe, and comfortable festival!