Conduct, Health and Safety at SpiritFire

Code of Conduct: SpiritFire is committed to creating safe and sacred space on the mountain for all of us to experience our interconnectedness through fire circle ceremony and all we do during the day. The gathering (or any SpiritFire event) does not tolerate abuse, harassment, non-consensual interactions of any kind, or discrimination for any reason or of any kind. Anyone who is found to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances may be asked to leave the site without refund, and anyone found supplying substances of any kind to minors will immediately be asked to leave without refund and likely will be banned from all future SFF events.

Please – if you feel there is an issue with an attendee displaying behavior that makes you or others feel unsafe, approach a staff member and we will step in to help. We are there to be your ally and to keep our community feeling confident in the circle’s safety.

If you are asked to cease any behaviors towards others who say you are disturbing their sense of safety or comfortable enjoyment of the event, do so. If we receive complaints about a person and are unable to solve the issue through dialogue or mediation, it will result in the offending person being sent home immediately from the site with no refund and possibly being disinvited from future events.  

Health and Safety: Each of us is responsible for making truthful statements and responsible choices about our health both for ourselves and out of respect for the health of others. While the Pandemic has been the focus of health and safety at all gatherings over the past 4 years, the larger societal lesson is that our responsibilities to one another apply to much more than just Covid. We do not require attendees to have a vaccination for Covid-19 or other illnesses, but we strongly recommend and request that every attendee pay strong attention to all factors of their health before heading to the event. If you are feeling ill (cough, fever, or other symptoms that could indicate either Covid or another viral infections like a bad cold, RSV or flu) please do not come to the event. We know it is a time for connection that is precious to all of us, but we ask you for this simple Seva: take the health and safety of others at the gathering into account, and refrain from attending if you are sick.  Please bring a mask with you to SpiritFire in case you for any reason begin to suspect you have any worries about your own health. One of our medical staff can help you determine the right steps from that point.

SpiritFire reserves the right to deny admission to the event or ask participants to leave the event if they feel that someone is a risk to the health and safety of others.

If at any time prior to the event there are developments with public health that create concern or there are changes in CDC or site policies regarding health, we reserve the right to reinstate required proof of vaccinations for those who are able, with case-by-case consideration for those who cannot do so for medical reasons.