Register with Venmo

Extra points for awesome art!

New for 2021 – you can pay for your registration direct via Venmo, and email your scanned/signed forms! Venmo payment information is on the registration forms.

We are near enough to our cap/limit that we can no longer guarantee you will be able to secure a spot with a mail-in form or check. We have paused registration until a solid count of both online and mailed forms can be confirmed, and any future registrations need to go directly through the registrar. If you’d like to be on the waiting list for a spot, please send an email using our contact page using the subject/re: Registration.

We request if you previously downloaded the form, you still do not send payment or reg form from this point until you’ve received permission from the registrar.

If you have sent in a mail-in registration and have not yet received your confirmation email, please contact the registrar right away ( to ensure your application was received and there are still spots available.