SpiritFire T-Shirt (Special Reprint Pre-Order)


*Closed for ordering*

For 2020, we’d planned to print both a current year shirt and also, a special reprint of our very first icon/design from SFF 1 (2003).  While we weren’t able to meet for our 2020 gathering, we’re offering the reprint with some amazing styles and colors!  Not many people have these shirts anymore (or if they do, they probably aren’t too wearable…) and many have never seen the design at all.

We’ve added our watcher icon to the back of the shirt (this was not on the original shirts.)  In addition black, which was the 2003 tee color, we’ve added a beautiful dark “Oxblood Red” (uni tees only), a natural stone color for both kinds of tees, and a heather olive sleeveless shirt.

Pre-Orders are only available online by August 20, 2020; this option will be marked as “sold out” after that point, and any extra shirts will only be available after all the others have been sent out.  Because we are not on site this year, we do not anticipate ordering too many extras, so stock up while you can!



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