The Journey

by Eva Wyld Dandylion

I want to be like the Apple Tree, who trusted the ground enough to Surrender to Gravity.
Just like the Space Between the Dirt and the Mighty Oak’s Roots-
Gravity is a Friend, Friends are Community,
And all of our Roots are tied up together and we can help each other Stand Up as TALL as we can Grow to Be.

But sometimes, we forget our Roots and we Burn our loved ones,
Ashes to Ashes, We ALL Fall Down.

I Dream of a World where we FIND and LIVE in the Between,
When we know that we CAN Create Our Dreams!
That Free Flow is as easy as 1,2,3,
Listen to the trees~ sing sweet songs of Whispered Wonders, OPEN SESAME!
Give the Treasure to all of the Rest of Me,
The rest of me that is my One World Community.
The ones who I love SO DEARLY that I would give them ALL of my Treasure…
I give them my Treasure just by letting them love me.
They give me theirs by loving the Best of Me and Supporting the Worst.

I love My Family, My Community, they mean EVERYTHING to me,
Even when the waters are rising and my eyes are cryin’ and I don’t feel strong enough to save them.
But we can help each other Save Ourselves.
Reach out that helping hand and say:
Hand in Hand surviving on this land, helping each other live.
Reminding each other that we’re EXACTLY who we’re supposed to be.
Reminding Each Other to Tell Ourselves EVERYDAY that NO ONE can EVER take “Me” away from “Me”
Because Fate is on the Side of Me,
The Side that can’t be argued with the divine knowledge I’ve got locked away in this Vault Noggin, this Souuuul Wagon,
Ride me over to the Field of Dreams where I’m no longer a slave to societies expectations.
I’ll find and cut my OWN Path to “Enlightenment”- Thank. You. Very. Much!

Take the water in my hands and wash away my Sins of Lives Past,
Anoint me with Golden Clarity, Sweet Sincerity of how you REALLY feel!
Show me the Whole Heart and not just the parts that you’re afraid of.

Masks fall off and shatter, the screech of the glass platter all over the floor into a zillion pieces….
Now try to pick the pieces up…. And GLUE your False Façade back together.
It’s not Easy, I gather, to continue pretending to be Someone Who You’re Not.

Open the Door to Infinite Light, it’s inside of you all of the time,
You JUST need the Key of Belief.
Belief will take you as high as Heaven, even to the Moon and back,
Reach the Depths of Hell, survive it, and swear to the Devil in your soul that you’ll NEVER tell!

Your FULLEST authentic passion within LOVE~
You’re always so worried you keep tryna’ TEST IT!
Well baby cakes, that Holy water in your heart be CLEAN
So quit stickin’ that toe in peeps and DIVE into the DEEP!

Knock knock,
Who’s there?
Your Date With Mystery.

Try something different, alls gotta change at some point- ACCEPT IT!
With Grace and Gratitude for the Unknown.

An Angel once spoke to me and it said:
NEVER Stop Believing, Your Journey Has Only Begun.

© 2011 by Eva Wyld Dandylion