Exploring Green Hermeticism with Nevin Scrimshaw

Part of the beauty of Spiritfire is the deep sharing of the life energy of the forest with the dancers in the fire circle. This workshop explores what makes this possible.  It is both theoretical and extremely practical. Work with me to invite this life energy to your circle and explore with me ways to open your own creativity to share your spirit with the spirit of nature together as dancers of life.


Embrace Your Spark and Feed the Fire Community (Junie Moon)

Have you ever wanted to step into the fire circle to offer a poem, chant or spoken word piece only to find yourself paralyzed with fear? Your heart’s beating fast, palms are sweaty and you think, ”Who am I to step forward and offer it? I am not good enough, cool enough, or ready to share, so stop, don’t do it!” It’s time to embrace your gifts and get out of your own way. Enough of that limiting thinking! You are depriving this blessed community of your gifts and we WANT to see you!  Sometimes it can feel scary to do something new and there are good reasons why you stop yourself. In this workshop you will find out why you block yourself from stepping out.  You will connect to your inner spark and want to share it. You will learn how to honor your fear and not have it stop you. It’s time to embrace your light and share it with your brothers and sisters.


We Sing Through the Drum (Donovan Arthen)

Kumidaiko is a form of Taiko drumming that focuses on playing together combining practices of Music, Movement, Voice, and Spirit into a unified art. In this workshop we will explore how each element manifests and how together we can raise a lot of energy playing in a unison through the exploration of a celebratory rhythm.


Yoga Chikitsa: Ashtanga Yoga Therapy for the Firetribe (Andi Clark)

The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, or Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy), is the foundation of most modern flow, power, or vinyasa yoga practices. The purpose of the practice is to heal the body through movement and breathwork and bring it into a state of prepared equilibrium for the practice of meditation and the cultivation of the “higher” limbs of yoga, culminating with samadhi, the union with the Divine or True Self. Classes will include chanting, Sun Salutations, standing, seated, and restorative poses, and deep relaxation. This invigorating and detoxifying practice is appropriate for all people. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.


Haitian and Cuban Polyrhythms with Johnny Scovel

Bring your drum and come explore the layered rhythms of bell, rattle, hand and stick drums from religious and folk traditions in Haiti and Cuba.  No experience necessary – bring what you have to play (African style hand drums, rattles, bells) – some instruments may be available to use.


The Nexus of Seva (Service) and Mystery: Our Callings, Our Purpose & Spirit (Diane Johnson)

Within the SpiritFire community we are consistently called to “show up” with our full selves.  The social upheavals of this past year calls to question how do we extend our service and use the tools we experience in our Fire Family for the greater good – no matter how we define being in service.   This dynamic workshop will explore deep discovery of who we are called to be, not only within our magickal communities but what calls us in other spaces and places we dwell. What supports our abilities to have impact in our neighborhoods, work spaces, communities, families and the larger world.  This workshop will use movement, techniques from Theatre of the Oppressed, dialogue, guided meditation and witnessing as portals into examining our callings, purpose and Spirit.


Trance Dance – Traveling between the Worlds (Sylvia Brallier)
Ride the rhythm wave and heal with ecstatic energy. Let Spirit move through you in your dance. Learn methods to access inner wisdom through the sacredness of the body. Trance inducing movement techniques will help to deepen your consciousness. This class will give you spiritual tech that can help you use your dance experiences to transform your well-being and consciousness.


Improvisational drumming and the art of Listening (Jason Traweek)

When improvising with other musicians it is fundamentally important to know how to listen, both to others and to ourselves. To be truly sensitive to the ever-changing dynamics of creating improvised music (and dance) with others, we need to be in touch with our rhythmic centers while feeling and fluidly adjusting to the rhythmic centers of those around us. This is both a technique and, on further integration, a powerful paradigm for how to relate to others in our lives.

Jason will provide some insight on how to navigate these sometimes challenging but fun collaborations. If you are new to drumming or developing your skills, this talk will help you to get centered in your rhythmic foundation. For experienced drummers, this will be a reminder on how to more effectively work with others and be a good collaborator.


Organic Trance Dancing (Raine Ford)

Have you ever stood on the edge of the fire circle, wanting to step in and dance like none is watching?  What if you could…?  One of the ways you can choose to engage at Spirit Fire is to bring your own personal work to the fire circle.  For some, dancing is a physical form of expression, to others its a way to quiet the monkey mind that is always chattering away.  In this workshop we will explore and experience personal trance routes. Don’t worry if you do not consider yourself a dancer, its not about the dance, but rather the trance.
(Come as you are and bring a blindfold)


Afro Caribbean Dance (Johnny Scovel)

Back by popular demand, we are pleased to have Johnny back with us to offer an energized, fun and accessible experience with live drumming and movements from religious and folk traditions of Haiti and Cuba!