We will soon add our 2018 presenter bios; some presenters include:



The Johnny MeisterJohnny Scovel returns to us with years of experience in traditional Haitian and Cuban drumming. He is a seasoned teacher, lecturer, and performer. Johnny has engaged in scholastic and independent study of various African, Caribbean, and Native cultures, with a special interest in religion, drumming and dance. From 1983 to present, Johnny has been an active ceremonial drummer, playing for Haitian Vodou Ceremonies and Cuban Lucumi and Kongo ceremonies in Haiti, New York, Florida, California and his home state of New Mexico.






Jason Traweek is a music instructor at the Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School in Western Massachusetts. As a young man who has grown up in the fire-circle community, he has learned to speak the language of the drum from a young age. Through his work with the AzaAshe Dance and Drum Co. and many diverse teachers, Aidan has forged a life-long connection with the drum, and he is honored to share his knowledge and passion with the community that has fostered his growth.






Donovan ArthenDonovan Arthen has been raised in the EarthSpirit community, around the fire circle and has been a practicing Animist and Pagan throughout his life. He received his bachelor’s degree in music from Wesleyan University, and while many of us know him as a drummer he has also sung with numerous groups around the world, and has taught and led choirs and singing groups for several years. He is excited to share his experience with the community in a new way.