P2080026lNevin Scrimshaw is trained mathematician who retired early to become the Abode Mt Caretaker in 2001. He has been a steward of the land, opening this sacred forest to share with the Spiritfire Community for twelve years.  Sometimes the difference between the forest and Nevin is not altogether clear.









Johnny Scovel returns to us with years of experience in traditional Haitian and Cuban drumming. He is a seasoned teacher, lecturer, and performer. Johnny has engaged in scholastic and independent study of various African, Caribbean, and Native cultures, with a special interest in religion, drumming and dance. From 1983 to present, Johnny has been an active ceremonial drummer, playing for Haitian Vodou Ceremonies and Cuban Lucumi and Kongo ceremonies in Haiti, New York, Florida, California and his home state of New Mexico.


Donovan ArthenDonovan Arthen has been raised in the EarthSpirit community, around the fire circle and has been a practicing Animist and Pagan throughout his life. He received his bachelor’s degree in music from Wesleyan University, and while many of us know him as a drummer he has also sung with numerous groups around the world, and has taught and led choirs and singing groups for several years. He is excited to share his experience with the community in a new way.






 Sylvia Brallier is the author of two books, Dancing in the Eye of Transformation, and Ancient Wisdom  for Total Vitality. She travels internationally to share workshops in Tantric Shamanism and ShamaSoma body-centered Spiritual Healing.










unnamedJason Traweek is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and poet with an earth rooted rhythmic base.  He brings a uniquely sensitive and intuitive approach to performance in both improvisation and composition. Over 30 years of experience with many projects and styles of music has allowed him to learn and develop rhythmic dynamics from many different perspectives. Currently he is leading the Spirit Lab Music project that offers world percussion based music for dance and rhythmic forms of meditation.






11071683_10155329631640252_2396274289784729507_nMy name is Raine, I have a passion for dance and physical expression and specifically trancing.  I am a sustainability homesteader, herbalist and holistic advocate.  I would not be where I am if not for routinely returning to my roots and rediscovering who I am beneath the have-to-dos of life.  Dance is my lubrication back to myself and trancing is my brain shut-off switch.







unnamed-1Andi Clark began practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2002 and began teaching in 2005. In 2010, she co-founded Maine’s first Ashtanga studio. With gratitude to her teacher, David Swenson, and late guru, Guruji Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, she shares the Ashtanga primary series as her bhakti practice. She lives in Maine with her husband and son, Dave and Don Sylvia, and has attended SFF since 2012.







unnamed-2Diane Johnson, Ph.D., M.Div. aka Dr. Di or Cayenne, has worked in the field of community building, collaboration and social change for as long as she can remember.  She has worked at the intersections of community transformation, organizational capacity expansion, and leadership development.  Diane has  worked with almost 8,000 individuals and organizations including Habitat for Humanity International, Oxfam America, HUD, Dance New England.  She focuses on organizational development, social change, spirituality, and diversity and inclusion.