Below you will find our presenter list from 2016 – this will shift and after we have formed the first few workshops, this change to reflect the current roster.


The Johnny MeisterJohnny Scovel returns to us with years of experience in traditional Haitian and Cuban drumming. He is a seasoned teacher, lecturer, and performer. Johnny has engaged in scholastic and independent study of various African, Caribbean, and Native cultures, with a special interest in religion, drumming and dance. From 1983 to present, Johnny has been an active ceremonial drummer, playing for Haitian Vodou Ceremonies and Cuban Lucumi and Kongo ceremonies in Haiti, New York, Florida, California and his home state of New Mexico.





ErikaErika Kluthe is a full time yoga teacher and part time Yoga Therapist who holds a 500 hour advanced yoga teacher certification (with emphasis on the energy body). Her work focuses on the 7-tiered western chakra system which incorporates various modern methods of psychological and spiritual healing. She has worked privately with several shamans both in and out of the U.S. and is experienced in–and includes in all of her teaching–work with the shamanic arts.





AsherahAsherah Allen is a Nationally Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist who graduated Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2000 and enjoys a full time private practice in Western Mass. She has massaged the crew of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cyprus Hill and has many notable athletes as well as parents, grandparents, and infants as beloved patients. To find out more about her work please visit





Saffire Bouchelion is a a professional performer and musician and First Degree Black Belt Nia Instructor. His embodiment and transmission of music and rhythm stir profound transformation in his students. He has taught Drumming, Embodying Rhythm and Dance into Being workshops throughout the US, Europe, Mexico and Bali for the past 13 years.  His greatest joy is helping to Embody the world, one Community at a time!





TiffanyTiffany Gray Bridge: Principle Dancer with Lunaris Theatrical dance troupe in NYC,  dancer/instructor in Boston and Western MA, Tiffany has embraced her passion for dance since childhood. With a background in ballet, tap and African dance, her exploration through ATS and Fusion Bellydance has left a permeable impression and lifted the veil to what ritual through movement can unlock. And adoration for traditional and iconic dance forms adds another layer of depth to her dance dedication. Whether she is engaging with shape shifting, dancing with her serpent, ecstatic, elemental, conversational troupe work or improvisation, sacred dance, ritual performance and authentic movement are her favorite forms of self-expression.



Aidan Talbot is a music instructor at the Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School in Western Massachusetts. As a young man who has grown up in the fire-circle community, he has learned to speak the language of the drum from a young age. Through his work with the AzaAshe Dance and Drum Co. and many diverse teachers, Aidan has forged a life-long connection with the drum, and he is honored to share his knowledge and passion with the community that has fostered his growth.






Carl BridgeCarl Bridge is an artist and educator. Along with his work as a visual artist within the realms of theater and film, he is passionate in his practice of martial and rhythmic arts. Over the past 5 years Carl has delved deeper into the realm of West African percussion by studying traditional Malinke rhythms and playing for dance classes and performance troupes. He is honored to be able to bring that practice as an offering to the Spiritfire family.



Sulia Sophia

Sulis Sunrise Sophia has been facilitating dance, movement and vocal circles since 1998 from Newburyport to Kripalu in Lenox. She is a practicing craniosacral therapist in Northampton and priestesses of The Tulsi Rose Garden Temple, a circular garden in Shelburne Falls that hosts music, meditation and ceremony in harmony with the vibration of the plant spirit world.




Ahriana and Mark PlattenRev. Mark Platten and Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten met at a Fire Circle and have experienced its power throughout their 16 years of sacred union. He is an author and educator whose spiritual interests are immersion in – and communication with – Nature. She is a radio talk show host and spiritual leader whose specializes in archetypes, ancient spiritual arts, and transformative ceremonies.





Donovan ArthenDonovan Arthen has been raised in the EarthSpirit community, around the fire circle and has been a practicing Animist and Pagan throughout his life. He received his bachelor’s degree in music from Wesleyan University, and while many of us know him as a drummer he has also sung with numerous groups around the world, and has taught and led choirs and singing groups for several years. He is excited to share his experience with the community in a new way.