Traditionally, our gathering has celebrated a Pathways Fire each Wednesday to open the gathering, and share the fundamental principles of how the pathways interact and manifest at the fire.  This year, rather than limiting this concept to a Wednesday night circle, the entire gathering is the Pathways ritual spread over four nights.

Each night we engage in the fire via all of the pathways in one way or another; it seems important and vital that we honor and truly *pay attention* to how it is that we, individually, are in relationship to each. So this year we will celebrate the four Pathways with the binding element of the Mysteries: Seva. Motion. Music. Voice.

We invite you – and this is truly an invitation, not at all an expectation of any kind – to feel welcome to wear colors of those pathways at the fire if you’d like to engage visually. Seva = green or brown; Motion = blue; Music = red; and Voice = Yellow. The Mysteries have always been black or white in SFF tradition. Again, there is no requirement; no expectation, and many folks will choose to wear things that they feel comfortable in for other reasons, and that is absolutely just fine! But if you’d like to engage in this way, please be welcome.


Wednesday:             SEVA

Thursday:       MOTION

Friday:            MUSIC
Saturday:       VOICE