Spirit Into Action

The fire circles at SpiritFire are more than drum, dance, and song for their own sake; we engage with each other through the night seeking inspiration, hope, healing, encouragement, and connection. Many fires have invited people to step in to the circle and speak their intentions for calling Spirit Into Action — taking a hope, idea, or inspiration and making it Happen.

Here are some examples of projects and initiatives that have been fed by the SFF fires.

The Dagbe Antelope Project: this links to the blog called “To Make the Drums Sing,” which describes a project to help conserve threatened musical culture and heritage by establishing a facility to raise antelope (used for drum heads) in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa.




Sheila Radziewicz: Sheila has been part of the fire circle community for many years, and has brought much inspiration and joy.  Born with TAR syndrome, she is the first woman with no arms to receive a black belt in the World Federation of Tae Kwon Do; she is a fantastic fire spinner and most importantly a motivational speaker, a path she committed to deeply one night at the fire. Check out her website for inspiring stories of her life and work.