Below are links to various articles that might enhance your experience at the gathering, as well as tools to help you deepen your relationships with the pathways.

Packing List: Some suggestions for what you might want to have with you at SpiritFire — a very helpful resource for new and old-timers alike!

The Path of Music at SpiritFire: A direct link to a blog discussion centering on music at SpiritFire.  Recommended reading for anyone who has questions about various kinds of instruments, etc. that are appropriate for the gathering or about our playing aesthetics.  This discussion supplements what is also described by the Music at SpiritFire page.

Rattles Around the World: Why are rattles so important and so prominent around the world? How do they contribute to the fire circle?

Water Service: Praxis and Doxos: The philosophy and how-to of offering water in the circle.

Hawaii FireTribe: A veritable wealth of wonderful information on fire circles, both similar and different from ours.  And if you have the chance to go to Hawaii and celebrate with these folks, you should Рwhat a beautiful circle.