New!  We’ll be gathering this November 17-19 to deepen our connections, allow for in-depth discussion of our fire circle pathways and rituals, and celebrate rhythm, poetry, movement, and chant.  We will nourish each other and ourselves as we prepare for winter and develop ideas and practices that we can, as groups or individuals, engage in through the months leading to our main summer event (JULY 11-15, 2018) so that we are that much more present and able to fully engage on the mountain.   CLICK HERE or go to our registration page for details!

SpiritFire Festival is a five day (Wednesday – Sunday) retreat-style gathering held in New Lebanon, NY. We celebrate life and spirit through the pathways of music, movement, voice, Seva (or service), and the Mysteries, focused in the medium of the sacred all-night fire circle.

During the day, you can explore many types of artistic, expressive, and spiritual practices via workshops, affinity groups, jams, or just hanging out with new friends in the community/merchant circle.  When the sun goes down, fire-spinners light up the night to the sounds of amazing drumming, poetry jams flow, chants are shared, and people rest or socialize while preparing for intentional fire-lighting ceremonies that begin an all-night celebration of the sacred in each of us.

SpiritFire provides a nourishing and inspirational environment in which drummers, dancers, chanters, poets, visual artists, and seekers of all types can both honor individual diversity yet share a common and powerful bond at the fire.  Each night we acknowledge our connections in the spirit of joyous celebration, deep listening, infectious groove, and ecstatic trance!

If you’d like to stay in touch, ask questions of the community, or just hear about announcements for this year’s gathering as they come out, check our FaceBook page!